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Selecting the right plasma cutter unit for your needs can give you years of reliable performance. Torchmate is proud to offer the best in productivity, reliability, and performance. Choose one that is right for you.

Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 1000
Lincoln Electric Plasma Cutters
Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52
Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutters
Hypertherm Powermax 1650
Hypertherm Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutting is a vital process for any metal fabrication shop. Unlike oxy-fuel, plasma can cut stainless steel, aluminum, and brass, as well as mild steel. With
CNC operation, using your PC to create shapes and control a cutting table, you can produce complex cuts smoother than a bandsaw in 1/20th of the time or less. Fabrication shops around the world are realizing the cost savings and production benefits from adding CNC technology to their fabrication process. Alongside Torchmate's exceptional technical service you get the best of both worlds.

"I've never had such great communication from ANY tech support from any other company." Brad Hunt | Terradon Choppers

"We would like to take the time and thank you and all of the Torchmate tech support team that has worked with us trying to get machine to function correctly.  The main reason we choose Torchmate CNC Systems is for the outstanding reviews about your tech department and the service you provide to your customers." John McKinnis | Machine Shop Inc.